//Why A Killer Drive Off The Tee Is Not That Important

Why A Killer Drive Off The Tee Is Not That Important

It never fails. Every time I go to the range to either warm up before hitting the golf course or just to knock some of the rust off after way too long away from the links, there’s always that one guy, or sometimes several guys, who are doing nothing else but trying to drive the ball 250 yards or longer.

I’m not sure if they just want to show off or if they are under the misguided perception that the key to an excellent golf game is a monster drive off the tee.

Now, with all truth aside, I am impressed with someone that can hit a long drive of 250 yards or more in a straight line. And sometimes I do feel a bit inadequate when that guy is next to me on the range, since my drives are usually far less than that as I focus on swing mechanics and would much rather hit a 225 yard line drive than a 300 yarder off to the left or right.

But we’ve all heard the saying that golf games are won in the short game, and I have found in my 15 years of playing that is certainly the truth. You can easily recover from a short drive if you are still in the fairway and I’ve even recovered a lot of errant drives that weren’t too far off that mark.

However, a hook or slice into the trees usually kills any chance of a successful recovery of making a par or possibly a bogey. And that usually comes from my ego getting ahead of my brain and trying to smash and impressive tee shot to impress my friends.

What really matters is that second shot to the green and putting, which is usually responsible for the majority of my disappointing rounds walking back to the cart with a fat bogey or double bogey.

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