//The Crucial Putt – Where Most Games Are Won Or Lost

The Crucial Putt – Where Most Games Are Won Or Lost

There’s nothing worse than hitting a sweet drive off the tee, then following up with a great iron shot onto the green, only to 3 putt your way to a disastrous bogie.

Unfortunately, it is a feeling that just about every golfer including myself, has experienced far too often. It’s also the reason that the putting green at the local range is often a barren wasteland as everyone is spending their time trying to hit that killer drive or iron shot.

If we are honest with ourselves, there’s just not much satisfaction over on the putting green, especially after a hard day or week at the office. We just want to smack that ball a few times to feel better about ourselves.

But truth be told, if we all spent half of our range time honing our putting skills on the green instead of trying to impress our friends or our own egos, it would manifest itself in the form of a much lower score when the rubber hits the road come game time.

Golf.com wrote a blog post on the 10 greatest putters of all time and you can check it out here or if you’re dying to know who their #1 pick was, it’s none other than the legendary Tiger Woods.

We’ve all seen Tiger been a bit erratic off the tee but his putting is almost always spot on, which is one of the primary reasons for all his epic wins. Even though he has struggled a bit recently, he was one of only six players in 2008 to make every putt inside of 3 feet.

#2 was “The Bear” Jack Nicklaus. Our friends over at ConsistentGolf.com wrote a great article on his putting game and philosophy, in a great article on How To Make Every Putt.

I highly recommend it for improving your putting game. You can check it out here.